KNUTTE WESTER Jag bygger en koja till min bror, skulptur i Brons, 2013. Foto Alexandra Ellis

We are very proud to announce that the artist Knutte Wester has received two scholarships these past days; the Umeå Art Scholarship and the ABF Literature and  Art Scholarship! The Umeå 2015 Art Scholarship, which was announced on Tuesday Oct 20, is for the amount of 50 000 SEK and also includes an invitation to make an exhibition at Väven Art Gallery in Umeå. Two days prior to this honour, on Sunday Oct 18, Wester was granted the 2015 ABF literature and Art Scholarship at Röda Sten Art Hall in Gothenburg, worth 100 000 SEK. We once again take the opportunity to congratulate Knutte Wester most heartily!

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